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Click here to join the  SecondWWF web site17-22 March 2000, The Hague, The Netherlands (Image's link)


World Water Forum

From Vision to Action and Objectives | Website around the Forum | Forum pressreleases | More release (fr/en)

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From 17-22 March 2000, hundreds of water specialists, politicians, leading experts and top officials from all across the globe will convene in The Hague.

The Second World Water Forum will mark the conclusion to a long series of sessions during which thousands of concerned citizens addressed the water crisis that threatens us all. In The Hague a Vision will be unveiled projecting a scenario of how the world could look twenty-five years from now - if we take action today.

A world with enough clean water for everyone.

This website provides detailed information on what you can expect in The Hague, an overview of how the Vision process has developed and useful information on visiting the Forum. The Second World Water Forum & Ministerial Conference promises to be a inspiring event and a launching pad for an entirely new approach to the earth's most precious resource: water.


Website around the Forum :

www.watervision.org : Let's manage water to ensure
All people have access to safe and affordable water and sanitation.
All people have access to nourishment and sustainable livelihoods.
Freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems are conserved.

www.worldwatercommission.org : World Commission on Water for the 21st century
The World Water Council (WWC) launched the First World Water Forum at Marrakech in 1997. The idea of a Long Term Vision for Water, Life and the Environment for the 21st Century was presented there and confirmed at the International Conference on Water and the Environment (Paris, 1998)...

www.gwp.sida.se : Global Water Partnership
One of its objectives : support integrated water resources management programmes by collaboration, at their request, with governments and existing networks and by forging new collaborative arrangements, ...

www.cgiar.org : Consultative Group on International Argricultural Research
CGIAR's mission is to contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnership, capacity building, and policy support. The CGIAR promotes sustainable agricultural development based on the environmentally sound management of natural resources.


Forum pressreleases :

22-03-2000, Water for People campaign

22-03-2000, Ministerial Declaration of The Hague on Water Security in the 21st Century

22-03-2000, NGO Major group statement to the Ministerial Conference

21-03-2000, A joint statement to the Ministerial Conference on Water Security issued by the World Water Forum CEO Panel on business and industry

21-03-2000, Third World Water Forum 2003 to be held in Japan

21-03-2000, Fourth World Water Forum 2006 in Canada

21-03-2000, Ethiopia to host the eighth nile 2002 conference

21-03-2000, Scientists and Farmers Create Improved Crops For a Water-Scarce World

20-03-2000, GAIA round table discussion

19-03-2000, World Water challenges for the twenty-first century

18-03-2000, Gender alliance launched to help implement water visions

17-03-2000, The World Water Council announces new initiatives for putting the world water vision into action.

17-03-2000, Speech by His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander, the Prince of Orange - Second World Water Forum, Opening session

17-03-2000, Discussion on the participation of women in the western water sector at the World Water Fair


More release :

Dominique Voynet au forum mondial de l’eau de La Haye (23 mars 2000)

Director-General (UNESCO) sounds the alarm over looming water crisis (20 March 2000)

GEF TO double Funding for addressing (March 2000)


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