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Press releases, Paris, France, 17/04/2000
water, Suez Lyonnaise des eauxLyonnaise des Eaux and Elyo win a major contract for water production in Casablanca


Pursuant to an international invitation for tenders, the trust equally comprised of Lyonnaise des Eaux and Elyo (Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group), has just been declared by the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco the successful bidder of the supply concession contract for the Oum-Er-Rbia.

This public service concession, awarded for 30 years, covers the supply of drinking water for a third of the needs of greater Casablanca, i.e. an annual production of approximately 55 million cubic meters. This operation represents an overall revenue of 2 billion Francs (305 million Euro).

Existing structures comprise a water intake at the Sidi Saïd Mâchou dam, a pumping station, a treatment plant with capacity of 150,000 cubic meters/day, and a 73-km long supply pipe. An investment program is provided for, comprising the rehabilitation and modernization work of the facilities, for an amount of approximately 200 million Francs (30.5 millions Euros).

This success reflects the renewed confidence of the Ministry of Equipment to Elyo, which has been managing the operation of the Oum-Er-Rbia supply for 50 years. It also strengthens the position of Lyonnaise des Eaux and Elyo in Morocco after the award, in 1997, of the delegate management contract for the water distribution, electricity, and sewerage services for the Urban Community of Casablanca (4 million inhabitants) managed by their subsidiary Lydec (Lyonnaise des Eaux de Casablanca).

This contract is part of the policy currently conducted by the Moroccan authorities, aiming at developing the concept of public service management outsourcing by calling on investors and private operations. Its award to the Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group illustrates the latter's ability to offer appropriate solutions and involve itself concretely in the area of water supplies, which constitutes one of the major challenges of durable development.

Lyonnaise des Eaux is the world leader of outsourced management and currently serves one hundred million people in water and sewerage services worldwide, particularly in cities like Buenos Aires, Atlanta, Manilla, Casablanca, and Sydney. Lyonnaise des Eaux is a subsidiary of the Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group.

Elyo, a subsidiary of the power division of the Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group, achieved revenue of 2,100 million Euro in 1999. Present in over 20 countries around the world, Elyo has been supporting the development of water and power programs in Morocco for over 70 years.

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