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Press releases, Story date : Friday, September 24 1999
Swedish Water - New company in the water treatment field

Sweden is well-known globally for its efforts of safeguarding the environment, of which water naturally is an essential part. The country also has a leading position in treatment of both drinking water and wastewater. Some of the foremost companies in the field of water treatment in Sweden have joined forces to form the new company Swedish Water Corporation AB (Swedish Water).

Water related issues, such as distribution and wastewater treatment, have become extremely important everywhere around the world due to population development, growing urbanization and health and environmental issues. The lack of access to clean water is not an uncommon reason today for conflicts between countries. Swedish companies and organisations identify a big potential when it comes to contributing in necessary investments in the water treatment field in foreign countries, especially as regards the Baltic region.

Swedish Water is a company of co-operation where technical and constructional knowledge as well as experience in plant operation is assembled, thereby offering potential customers competitive solutions in these fields. Another intention of the company is to further strengthen the relations between Sweden and municipalities and industrial enterprises in the Baltic region.

The owners of Swedish Water are:
Kemira Kemwater, world leading producer of coagulants for water treatment
PURAC, leading consulting and constructing company regarding water treatment plants
VBB VIAK, one of Europe’s biggest consulting companies in the fields of water, environment and infrastructure
Swedish Water Development (SWD, owned by the Swedish water and sewage treatment plants), having the mission to lead and co-ordinate international projects where Swedish plants take active part

For more information, please get in touch with:

Kemira Kemwater, Mr. Kjell Stendahl, Executive Vice President
Tel +46 42 171471

PURAC, Mr. Bengt Lavesson, MD
Tel +46 46 191910

VBB VIAK, Mr. Jerker Perers, MD
Tel +46 8 6956666

SWD, Mrs. Catharina Ringborg, MD
Tel +46 8 6772838

Contact person: Charlotte Mönnich Jung

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