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Environmental Monitoring Systems Product Release from In-Situ
Laramie - WY, August 2002

New Low-Cost BaroTROLL
In-Situ adds BaroTROLL data logger to the TROLL product line

In-Situ, Inc.
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Laramie, WY 82070
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Contact: Forbes Guthrie
In-Situ, Inc.
Telephone 307-721-7544
Fax 307-721-7598

In-Situ Inc. has added BaroTROLL,a new low-cost barometric smart-probe to the TROLL product line. This device complements the non-gauged (absolute) versions of the current In-Situ TROLL product line by allowing up-hole placement of an inexpensive barometric logger. Ambient barometric data compensation is easily achieved through a new 1-step software enhancement in the included Win-Situ software.

The new BaroTROLL barometric logger was introduced primarily to enhance data accuracy in all non-gauged (absolute) installations of the miniTROLL Standard-A version of the popular miniTROLL smart level/pressure probe. It can also be used with any of the other non-gauged probes in the current TROLL product line. The BaroTROLL option allows field technicians the option of deploying a network of lower cost non-gauged probes, while monitoring atmospheric pressure changes with one above-ground barometric logger. Atmospheric pressure changes are known to have an effect on the height of water columns, particularly in closed aquifers, but also to a lesser degree on open aquifers. By monitoring these atmospheric pressure changes, and incorporating the subsequent data into test results, an extremely accurate characterization may be achieved. The barometric data may be easily merged into the water level data set using a new wizard included in the new version of In-Situ's Win-Situ 4.0 software. After merging data, the technician has the option of automatically compensating his final data set for any atmospheric pressure changes.

The new BaroTROLL is highly accurate and is designed to work at any atmospheric level from below sea level to over 18,000 feet (5500m). Accuracy is 0.1% of full scale with automatic temperature compensation. It was introduced primarily to enhance the data quality in In-Situ's miniTROLL Standard-A, non-gauged (absolute), product line but may be used with all current TROLL products. The BaroTROLL is available for shipment early Fall, 2002.

Affordable, reliable and very easy-to-use, the new miniTROLL Standard-A is being used by water professionals to collect real-time information for analysis of both short- and long-term water level trends. The data logger, memory (32,000 data points), level sensor and power are conveniently located in a fully submersible 316L stainless steel housing for reliable operation in rugged applications and easy cleaning to minimize contamination. Additionally, it is only 0.72 inches in diameter making it easy to monitor water level fluctuations in 1-inch bore-holes or observation piping.

Two internal AA batteries power the unit for up to 2-years and they are user-replaceable in the field without any need to return it to the factory. Operation is very easy with "Win-Situ" software or the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC running "Pocket-Situ" can be used for easy field operation and data collection. The miniTROLL Standard-A includes a stainless steel backshell that can be used to suspend it by low-cost steel cable or it can be used with a high-quality direct read cable when circumstances make removal of the unit undesirable. Cables are available in any length up to 4,500 feet.

The absolute pressure sensor is factory calibrated and is extremely accurate at 0.05% and it can measure water level changes as small as 1mm. Water level readings are automatically compensated for temperature fluctuations, liquid density and the effects due to gravitational acceleration. Depth ranges include 30, 100 and 300 psia (70, 231 and 692 feet respectively).

Founded in 1980, In-Situ, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of water monitoring devices. The company manufactures a wide range of field deployable products for the study of water level/pressure and water quality.

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