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Plymouth, MN, April 6, 2002

New Water Reuse Technology Reduces Water Consumption by 95%, Wastewater Pollution by 100% and Recycles All Household Water

Equaris Corporation, today announced the results of twenty-five years of development of its' recently patented Blackwater Biomatter Resequencing Converter, Greywater Treatment System and Total Household Water/Wastewater Filtration, Disinfection Recycling Technology.

In 1999 the Equaris Corporation began experimenting with various National Sanitation Foundation certified water filtration and disinfection equipment to further treat the Equaris greywater effluent to meet federal and state standards for surface discharge. Test results indicated that the initial prototype system performed above expectations and actually produced drinking quality water.

In the spring of 2001 Ms. Georgia Wellner bought and moved an existing home onto a new basement foundation near Rochester, MN. She was faced with the dilemma of having to pay thousands of dollars to drill a deep well for water known to be high in iron and thousands of dollars to install a new septic wastewater treatment system with a limited life expectancy. Due to the high nitrate levels in the first aquifer, Olmsted County, MN is requiring well drillers to drill down to the second aquifer in certain locations, which raises the price for water wells dramatically for the homeowner.

Seeking alternatives for the traditional well and septic type systems, Ms. Wellner asked Olmsted County's Water Coordinator, Mr. Terry Lee, for advice. Lee explained that Olmsted County had purchased and installed an Equaris Biomatter Resequencing Converter and Greywater Treatment System at a county owned single-family residence in 1994 to test the system's capabilities of reducing nitrate pollution and water consumption. Lee provided Wellner with the county conducted test results, which documented the system's capabilities of reducing water consumption by 40%, a 90% or greater reduction in total nitrogen, BOD, suspended solids and a 1,000 fold reduction in Fecal Coliform levels sent to the drainfield.

In August of 2001 Wellner purchased and installed the entire Equaris product line along with a rainwater catchment cistern system connected to the roof gutters to collect and store rainwater. For the past eight months Wellner has treated and reused all of her greywater and has not discharged any wastewater to the environment. "I have much better water than I would have had from a well, I am not polluting the environment, operational costs are reasonable and the Equaris Systems saved me a lot of money when compared to the bids I had been given for a drilled well and installed septic system", said Wellner.

Equaris Corporation is a Minnesota based developer and manufacturer of sustainable onsite water treatment and wastewater recycling technologies for homeowners and businesses.
For additional information, please visit our Web Site at www.equaris.com or call Clint Elston at (763) 383-5136.
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